Welcome to Twilight Club

Twilight Club is run by staff employed at Riverside Primary School

At Riverside, we cater for the needs of parents that have a requirement to keep their child at school slightly later than normal, giving them additional time to get back from work.


Short Session - £4 until 4:30pm

Will be given a healthy snack at 3.30pm.

Long Session - £7 until 5:45pm

Will be given a healthy snack as above at 3.30pm and will then also be given a cooked meal at 5.00pm. If you prefer you can provide your child with a packed tea which can be eaten with the other children. This means that when you pick up your child from Twilight club, they will have had a healthy, filling meal enjoyed with other children around a table setting.


We will only accept sessions booked on the same day if other children are already booked in for the same length session and spaces are available.

Parents are advised to call before 2:30pm for same day bookings. i.e. if you call on Tuesday requiring a long session the same day, but we have no other children booked in for the long session this will not be possible.

Please be assured we will make every effort to accommodate a short 'same day' session but this cannot be guaranteed.

Note: If you book your child in for a Long session but pick them up in the Short session, you will be charged for the session that you booked.

Click here to book online.

If you have any queries please speak to a member of the Twilight Club team or phone the office on 01702 230911

Going to be late? phone or text 07597 007571


We accept payments by cash or cheque.


Each day we will have a range of different activities out for your child to have fun with!

  • FIlm Night
  • Bead and Loombands
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Board Games & Puzzles
  • Outdoor Games
  • Yoga
  • Playdough
  • Rock Painting
  • Optional Homework support
  • Wii
  • iPads/Laptops



Meet the Twilight Club team!

Mrs H Horsley

Miss K Davey

Mrs J Rafiq

Mr D Sage

There will be a total of two members of staff at Twilight Club on a daily basis.